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My courses cover subjects that can be explored at different levels. These descriptions give an idea of the topics covered but each course will be tailored to your current knowledge and experience.

This gives you the freedom to explore subjects as you are ready and to continue with further sessions as you progress. On any course we will spend the first few minutes assessing your current level of knowledge so we don’t waste time going over things you already know.

This results in training that is tailored to your individual requirements and means you get the best value out of the time.

If you're looking for training in a particular area and don't see a relevant course here, please get in touch to find out how I can help you.

 Technical Foundation £350 | 4 hours

Alan Harbord giving training session in studio
Demystify those confusing terms and numbers, and take control of your camera.

One 4 hour session with break or 2x 2 hour sessions.

People often come to me in frustration, feeling they have a natural feel for composition but lack the technical skills to get the shots they want. If that sounds familiar then this is the course for you.

This course is aimed at complete beginners or anyone who feels confused by their camera settings. It is split into 2 sessions.

We will start by assessing your current level of knowledge then together we will blast away many of the myths surrounding what you need to take truly awesome shots. You will leave with a solid grounding in the basics, renewed confidence and the skills you need to get the shots you want.

In session one you will learn how to manage exposure; the vital relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how to manipulate these to achieve the optimum setting for any situation. We'll cover:

• Units of measurement

Demonstration of exposure

Side effects of the 3 functions

Aperture - depth of field

Shutter speed - motion blur

ISO - noise

The camera’s light meter

Aperture priority mode

Other modes

In session two you will learn about choosing the right type of lens for the job plus some essential technical tips and processes. We'll cover:


Capture file type - RAW or JPG

Lenses and perspective

Speciality lenses

Light falloff

Colour and white balance

An introduction to post-processing workflow

Bring your camera plus your ten best images for constructive critique.

Includes module handouts, homework and marking.


10-20 of your best images for constructive critique.

Your camera and lens/s.

A notebook and pen.

Light and lighting equipment £175 | 2 hours

Photography training courses for photographic lighting
Understand the importance of light, and get to grips with the gear.

Book as many 2 hour sessions as you need. Everyone is different and works in different areas of photography.

Studio and creative lighting is now easier, more convenient and cheaper than it ever has been but to take advantage of this you must have a good understanding of the rules of light and lighting equipment.


A studio environment gives you the power to create any kind of lighting scenario you could want but it can be a confusing area with such a bewildering array of light modifiers and other accessories to choose from. This module will teach you how to use and control various types of lighting equipment, to light the human form well and ultimately so you can produce saleable pictures.


We will use either studio lighting equipment, speedlight based equipment, or the ‘middle ground’ of lighting gear, depending on which system type you have, or are thinking of purchasing.


This module is a mixture of theory and practice. Alan will explain/ illustrate a theory, and then demonstrate it, and often then ask you to carry out a setup to illustrate what you’ve learnt.


• Exact topics will depend on the genre of photography you work in, and typically we will cover:

The 5 light patterns for the human face

Creating hard and soft light and which to use when

Using light modifiers

The inverse square law in action

Setting up a multi light setup

Flagging techniques

To take this course you need a firm understanding of the subjects covered in the technical foundation course.


Includes module handouts, homework and marking.



Your camera and lens/s.

Your 10 best portrait shots for constructive critique.

A note book and pen.

How to shoot portraits £175 | 2 hours

Photography training courses for portraits
Learn how to create a seriously good portraits, and gain confidence with your subjects.

Want to create better portraits? Not sure what type of lighting to use? Struggling with composition? For every portraiture shot you need to take into account these five essentials:

• Light

• Location

• Exposure

• Pose

• Expression

This course will cover each of these in detail, demystifying the processes involved and helping you to add a professional edge to your images. We look at your current work and see how you can improve.

To take this course you need a firm understanding of the subjects covered in my Technical Foundation course.


Bring your camera and lens/s.

Your 10 best portrait shots for constructive critique.

A note book and pen.

Using Adobe Lightroom Classic for workflow and processing £175 | 2 hours

Photography training courses for Adobe Lightroom Classic
Structure your workflow for a smoother turnaround, and professional client experience.

Managing your workflow is an essential part of the photography process. Getting this bit right will maximise your time and effort and ultimately your profits.


This course is all about workflow with Adobe Lightroom being at its heart. First we establish the best process for importing, organising, rating, editing and exporting your images. Next, we look at image editing and ways in which you can use Lightroom to create a processing style, and then apply it to a batch of images.

We will look at the latest up to the minute enhancements from Adobe including the new AI features, and how they can both greatly enhance your technique as well as save you a lot of time.


We will also go over why RAW files are best for most photographers, and how to treat latitude and colour with RAW images.


Also covered is effective white balance adjustments, as well as camera/ lens colour calibration, so you can guarantee accurate and consistent colour on every shoot.

Includes a module handout, homework and marking.



A set of your RAW images from a previous shoot.

A note book and pen.

How to shoot weddings £175 | 2 hours

Learn what a bride and groom really want, and how to exceed their expectations.

Photographing weddings can be a rollercoaster ride requiring many skills before you even get to the photography.

Wedding photography includes portraiture, social reportage, product, macro, and in some cases landscape photography, all rolled into one very busy day! On top of this the light is constantly changing and each venue offers wildly differing backdrops. Every wedding is different, every venue offers opportunities and challenges, and every bride and groom have different plans and expectations.

Having photographed a great many weddings over the last 15 years, I have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge that I am excited to pass on. I am fully qualified, having gained an associateship with the BIPP in the wedding category, which is widely known as the most challenging of all the categories.

The contents of this course will be tailored for you at your level. You may be just starting out, or you may be a seasoned professional wondering how to push the bar and rise above the competition.

To take this course you need a firm understanding of the subjects covered in my Technical Foundation course.


30 of your best wedding shots for constructive critique.

A note book and pen.

Alan Harbord has over 95 National Awards of Photographic Excellence

British Institute of Professional Photography, Associate

The Societies of Photographers, 4x GOLD competition awards

The Societies of Photographers, Qualified

The Guild of Photographers, Qualified

The Guild of Photographers, International BAR of Distinction 2 years running

The Guild of Photographers, Photographer of the Year runner up

The Guild of Photographers, 1 GOLD competition award

The Guild of Photographers, 10 SILVER competition awards

The Guild of Photographers, 76 BRONZE competition awards

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