My courses cover subjects that can be explored at different levels. These descriptions give an idea of the topics covered but each course will be tailored to your current knowledge and experience. This gives you the freedom to explore subjects as you are ready and to continue with further sessions as you progress. On any course we will spend the first few minutes assessing your current level of knowledge so we don’t waste time going over things you already know. This results in training that is tailored to your individual requirements and means you get the best value out of the time.

If you're looking for training in a particular area and don't see a relevant course here, please get in touch to find out how I can help you.
Technical Foundation (2 sessions) £350 | 4 hours
People often come to me in frustration, feeling they have a natural feel for composition but lack the technical skills to get the shots they want. If that sounds familiar then this is the course for you.
What will I learn?
Using lighting equipment £175 | 2 hours
Creating lighting effects is now easier, more convenient and cheaper than it ever has been but to take advantage of this you must have a good understanding of the rules of light and lighting equipment.
What will I learn?
How to shoot portraits £175 | 2 hours
Want to create better portraits? Not sure what type of lighting to use? Struggling with composition? For every portraiture shot you need to take into account these five essentials:
What will I learn?
How to shoot models £245 | 2 hours
Working with a model can bring a whole new dimension to your work and can make the difference between good and stunning images.
What will I learn?
How to shoot close up/ macro £175 | 2 hours
This genre of photography is different to any other and brings its own unique challenges. The good news is that you usually have time to work things out, if only you know how.
What will I learn?
Using Adobe Lightroom for workflow and processing £175 | 2 hours
Managing your post-production stage is an essential part of the overall photography process. Getting this bit right will maximise your time and effort.
What will I learn?
How to shoot weddings £175 | 2 hours
Photographing weddings can be a rollercoaster ride requiring many skills before you even get to the photography.
Wedding photography includes portraiture, social reportage, product, and in some cases landscape photography, all rolled into one very busy day! On top of this, every wedding is different, every wedding venue offers a different set of opportunities and challenges, and every bride and groom have different plans and requests.
What will I learn?
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